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© Copyright by Domina Silvia


My many years of successful work in the bizarre field certainly benefit from my international fame, which I have created together with my producer and photographer Jeff Paris (aka Jean-François) through extensive publications in the form of outstanding BDSM and fetish films as well as artistic photo series. 


My very personal touch also plays a big role, which is reflected in the natural dominant charisma and last but not least my convincing authenticity. 

My profound experience is based on my wide range of interests, which includes strict education and discipline, punishment through humiliation and torture, and the celebration of various fetish fantasies. 


My unbiased understanding and very special psychological empathy completes the picture in order to give the inclined slave, servant, masochist or connoisseur of bizarre eroticism with all its facets the feeling of being in the best hands with me with his individual needs. 


It gives me absolute fulfillment if my training methods are successful in such a way that my inclinations, desires and ideas pass my slave/play partner so much into flesh and blood that they are extremely anxious to satisfy them and even become their own goals.

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